metelka tea spirit

offers the best of tea and liqueurs in a single drink. It is made of only pure natural products: linden honey, Georgian tea and brandy.


METELKA TEA SPIRIT is our exclusive product.
We are proud of it, pamper it and take care of it intensively. It is made exclusively by hand.

Each batch and individual bottle of Tea Spirit receives its own care. You can see this on the label. Each of the roughly 800 bottles in one batch has a hand-inscribed number and individual batches can also vary slightly in alcohol content. Why is this so? Deviations are a natural part of any careful production process, and in this case it completely differs from ordinary distillates produced in the thousands, where the same level of alcohol is maintained by the constant addition of water or alcohol.

The production process of Tea Spirit reckons with something different. It starts with a long maceration, after which the tea is filtered out. We measure the amount of alcohol in this embryo of the future product and add this value to the bottles of each batch. But even then it is nowhere near done.

The beverage must mature in special earthenware pots for at least six months. Only after this time and several tests are we satisfied enough to have the beverage bottled and shipped.

You too, our customers, can also get individual care. A bottle of Tea Spirit can come with the number selected by you.
Just let us know your favorite number from 1 to 99 and reserve it for each batch.