Team Spirit

Brandy and honey shine out in the aroma. After the first taste you catch the floweriness of sweet grapes and linden avenues. The warmth in the throat is accompanied by the honey tones of Georgian tea, which after inhalation twice turns into a pleasingly astringent after-tone dancing on the palate.petr sič

Milan Metelka

Owner of family liqueur plant from Vyškov with a tradition going back to 1934 and a renowned creator of liqueur recipes. He utilised his extensive experience and knowledge during many experiments with various proportions of the ingredients of Metelka Tea Spirit and during the final fine tuning of colour, flavour, aroma and strength of the drink. He achieved a result that fundamentally enriches the world of tea and world of liqueur.

Jiří Boháč

A tea specialist, tea populariser and co-founder of Czech Teatenders – a specialist section of the Czech Bartender’s Association – which is involved in educational activity in the area of work with tea. Jiří is the most famous Czech teatender and the author of novel concepts for the use, serving and presentation of tea in gastronomy for the 21st century.

Jiří „Neny“ Nenutil

One of the best Czech teatenders, a participant at the global competition Tea Masters Cup. The historical academic and poet owns the renowned Prague tearoom Čajovna U Legionáře, which, true to the style of his original profession, he has furnished in the spirit of the Czechoslovak Legions.

Petr Sič

An adventurer and tea importer who fell in love with Georgia. Thanks to cooperation with the Czech Development Agency, he founded the project Shared Tea Garden in the town of Kvenobani in the foothills of the Caucasus Minor. He offers shared care for a tea plantation, and the processing of own organic tea, and he develops possibilities for a deeper understanding of its growing in the form of ecotourism.

I think for both of us it was a great unknown from the very start, and during the first meetings we treated each other with kid gloves. But the cooperation was extraordinary.jiří boháč